Full Circle

Ten years ago this lovely little mare came into my life as the sweetest little steel grey baby ready to take her first steps as a riding horse. Not only was she one of the easiest babies I've ever had the privilege of backing, she didn't blink an eye at anything I put in front of her after the fact. I remember marching her into the ticketing ring at Palgrave as a rising 4 year old with barely 4 months under saddle, and she picked up a canter and jumped around that course like a seasoned hunter. Well, not exactly -- alot of the seasoned hunters were being complete fools in the cold May weather! Now I have her back in my barn and two of my students who have ridden with me for years have taken her over. She is the same in so many ways, and different in some, and while I don't like how old it makes me feel, it certainly does make me realize that no matter how many horses cross my path over the years, there will be some that always hold a piece of my heart. Icy is one of them. Welcome home, sweetheart.

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